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Robin Sieger is an award winning international best selling author and peak performance speaker.


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I wish I had this book over thirty years ago - I genuinely believe it would have prolonged my career at the highest level.

- Tony Jacklin

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Silent Mind Putting by Robin Sieger

– Kindle Edition

The putt is one of the most crucial shots in the game of golf. It is also
one of the most highly pressured – all players know that it is on the
putting green that matches are won and lost.

In this book, the third in his acclaimed series on the mental game of golf, peak performance guru Robin Sieger dispels the fear that surrounds putting and shows how his intuitive silent mind approach can be used to improve our performance on the greens.

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Tony Jacklin

I wish I had this book over thirty years ago – I genuinely believe it would have prolonged my career at the highest level.

Amazon UK Reviewer

The best golf book I have ever read, and I have read a lot.If you struggle to concentrate on the golf course then get this book. Comes also with a cd – not full of mumbo jumbo, just great advice on how to focus on the simple but very important ways in how to achieve the mind set for a golf game you can raise to a different level that you will not believe.

Amazon US Reviewer

I love golf.. my better half says it relaxes me.. However before reading this amazing book, I didn’t always have the best days. In 20 days, following the free download I have averaged 5 strokes better on how did before. This book is an absolute must read for anyone who wants to improve and enjoy the king of games even more.